LiL Troopers Learning Center

preschool/kindergarten readiness

This week’s campers voted to end the week with a relay race, followed by a campfire cookout. Four teams of runners competed for an after-dinner ride around . . 

preschool/kindergarten readiness

Our daily Preschool Program includes letter recognition, early math and science skills, social/emotional development. Your child will get to experience the world around them hands on through daily play based learning and field trips each month.

In our kindergarten readiness program, our staff will make sure each child is ready for kindergarten.

school-age programs

Ages 6-12 years 

WE provide drop off and pick up to school (please contact us to find out which ones). Our after school program keeps your child busy with reading, writing, games and social time. During the summer months, we offer a school aged program with daily educational activities and field trips. 

transition & toddler rooms

Our daily schedule provides a balance of learning experiences, social interactions and free play that are age appropriate and fun! Each lead teacher has a weekly lesson plan that will keep your child learning and busy every day.


Our daily infant routine is based on each individual baby. We will be your "home away from home". Our teacher will stick to your child's unique schedule and provide a loving and caring environment that will help them feel safe and encourage each important milestone that happens in the first year!


Our daily 3-year-old program includes number, shapes and color recognition. Your 3-year-old will have a fun and exciting learning day filled with station play, learning zones, and so much more. We encourage cognitive and social skills in our 3-year-old and make sure they are ready to succeed when they enter preschool!