Caitlin Clarey

Caitlin has been at LTLC since 2013 and has worked in every classroom at the center.  She thoroughly enjoys having the opportunity to see children learn and grow in the childcare setting.  Every day is a new adventure!  Caitlin has a bachelors degree in English, with a minor in Psychology.  She is also a member of the Siouxland Association of Childcare Directors. 


LTLC offers consistent, caring and well-trained staff. All staff members are required to complete 20 hours of ongoing early childhood education each year. Our staff is passionate about childcare and can not wait to interact positively with your child!

Each lead teacher implements a daily routine to best fit the children in their care. We strive to meet all children's needs, including social/emotional skills, motor skills, cognitive skills and so much more! We lay down the building blocks for a lifetime of learning!